Embedding Videos

When the students know they have a real audience they perform better. Put your videos online so parents, students, teachers, etc. can see their work. Remember in paper slide videos you don't see the students, you just hear them. (BUT ---- make sure you have the AUP signed by parents) You can embed videos in your blog, on a wiki, and in web pages, even in Google Earth!! Once you have the videos on your computer you need to upload them to a site that will give you an embed code. Since YouTube is blocked in many schools, you might want to use SchoolTube.
Video Tutorial for uploading to SchoolTube:

Once the videos are uploaded to SchoolTube you'll get an embed code. Copy the embed code then paste it in a widget (as in a wiki) or in an html block (on a blog or web page). In Google Earth, paste the embed code in the description area when adding placemarks.

Instructions for adding embed code to Placemarks in Google Earth.